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Now with a french version!

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"18th century, France. While the common people grow hungrier and angrier in the streets, the nobles carelessly enjoy their daily activities and games at the Royal Court of Versailles. One of their favorites: spreading false rumors about absolutely everybody."

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Gossips at the Court is a card game for 5 players created by Tyu for the Headstart 2015 Game Jam.

The whole game is about gathering gossips about every other player without them knowing about it. Each player embodies a noble from the Court, and has its own friends and foes, fact that he or she's known for, and favorite places. Based on that, everybody has to write gossips about these characters, and then trade these gossips for other ones. If someone has at least one gossip on every character in their hand, they win!

* * *

Since my computer broke down at the beginning of the jam, I decided to make a card game by myself, and it's the first time I've ever done this! I only had time to playtest it and rework on it once, so I'm not really sure if the game really works yet. Also I have no idea if it's fun with less than 5 people, so if you try it, please tell me how it went!

I need looots of feedback, please don't hesitate to criticize, suggest things and share ideas either by tweeting me at @__Tyu or mailing me at typhaine.uro@gmail.com, thank you!

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Paintings used:

Photographies used:


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LaCourAuxPotins_LD.pdf 8 MB
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